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Modern open source analytics platform powered by Python

Why You’ll Love Anaconda

Making it easy to install, intuitive to discover, quick to analyze, simple to collaborate, and accessible to all.

  • Committed to Open Source. Now and forever.

    We believe in the power of open source, and you’ll never again experience vendor lock-in. Our team is active and committed Python ecosystem contributors that inspire and innovate some of the most popular Python packages. Our Anaconda community is 1M+ strong worldwide and is doubling each year.

  • Tested and certified packages to cover your back.

    Anaconda makes it easy for you to install and maintain Python environments. Our development team tests to ensure compatibility of Python packages in Anaconda. We support and indemnify Anaconda to mitigate your risk in using open source and meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Explore and visualize complex data easily.

    Use your experience and curiosity to explore and analyze your data. Choose from a rich set of interactive visualizations to bring your data to life and tell an insightful story. Discover new patterns and anomalies that empower your team to realize impactful value from your data.

  • All the analytics you ever wanted and more.

    Python is the fastest growing language for data science. Anaconda includes 330+ Python open source packages and now includes essential R packages. This powerful combination allows you to do everything you want from BI to advanced modeling on complex, Big Data.

Anaconda Superpowers

  • Anaconda

    Open Source modern analytics platform powered by Python

  • Anaconda Pro

    Anaconda with support and indemnification

  • Anaconda Workgroup

    High performance Anaconda with team collaboration

  • Anaconda Enterprise

    High performance Anaconda for Big Data with team collaboration


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What’s New

  • Anaconda 2.5 Release - now with MKL Optimizations

    We are happy to announce that Anaconda 2.5 has been released, which includes the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) optimizations (version 11.3.1) for improved performance. While we have supported MKL-enabled versions of numpyscipy, scikit-learn and numexpr for several years as our commercial "MKL Optimizations" product, we are now making these packages available for free for everyone, and they are included by default in the standard Anaconda installers.

  • Continuum Analytics Expands Executive Leadership Team Amid Rapid Adoption of Anaconda in 2015

    AUSTIN, TX - February 2, 2016 - Continuum Analytics, developer of Anaconda, the leading modern open source analytics platform powered by Python, today announced it has added two new leaders. Jon Shepherd and Matt Roberts join Continuum Analytics’ growing team of visionaries and thought leaders in the open source community.

  • Anaconda for R users: SparkR and rBokeh

    In this post, we present two projects for the R programming language that are powered by Anaconda. We will explore how rBokeh allows you to create beautiful interactive visualizations and how easy it is to scale your predictive models with SparkR through Anaconda’s cluster management capabilities.

  • Anaconda Cloud: Introducing Labels

    Today we’re introducing a new concept in Anaconda Cloud called labels. You may have known them previously as “channels,” but Continuum’s conda package management tool also has 'channels' that have a different meaning, thus we've decided to rename Anaconda Cloud 'channels' and launch labels to avoid confusion going forward.