Seize the Power of Python for all your Data and Analytic Needs

Continuum Academy courses are designed and taught by Python experts who are core contributors to the Python ecosystem

Continuum Academy training courses include:

Instructor-led custom Python courses are available in two formats:

  • eLearning courses that are live, online multi-day sessions
  • On-site courses that are conducted at your facility or designated location

On-site courses can be extended by 1 or 2 days to mentor your team on your specific use cases and issues. In addition to our standard courses, we can tailor courses using our modular course design to meet your goals.

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Course Delivery

eLearning Courses

eLearning courses are full day courses taught live via an interactive, virtual classroom platform. These courses are open to the public and are limited to 25 participants. Class time is split between instruction and hands-on programming exercises, with the instructor available to assist and guide participants through exercises. For more information, see the Virtual Training FAQs.

On-Site Courses

On-site courses are optimal for 12 participants, but can accommodate up to 20; these are typically conducted at a customer’s place of business. Class time is split between instruction and hands-on programming exercises, with the instructor available to assist and guide participants through exercises. Course topics can be customized to the customer’s needs if arranged in advance. Additional curriculum development costs may apply for non-standard instruction. Customers provide the instruction space, food and beverage, a video projector, and computers for participants to work on the programming exercises.

Organizations that purchase on-site courses will receive 25% off any online course taken by their employees, for a period of one year after the classroom training date.


In the near future, Continuum will offer exam-based certification. All participants of current and future courses will be eligible to take these certification exams.

Special Partnership

Continuum maintains a partnership with with David Beazley to deliver the Practical Python Programming course. This course is taught by the same highly qualified Continuum instructors who teach Continuum Academy courses.

This course, designed for professional software developers, scientists, and engineers, is a comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language, standard library, and Python programming techniques. Although the course assumes no prior experience with Python, the course is strongly focused on practical applications including scripting, data analysis, and systems administration.

Additional Information

Although no prior experience with Python is required, our Python courses assume that participants have prior experience with at least one other programming language (e.g., C/C++, Java, Matlab, Perl, etc.). Our courses are not programming courses for absolute beginners.

Participants should be somewhat familiar with basic concepts of programming such as variables, statements, control-flow, functions, arrays, data structures, and common programming operations (e.g., searching, sorting, etc.). In addition, participants should have an acquaintance with working with files, directories (folders), text editors, command-line shells, environment settings, internet connections, and other essential aspects of using a computer for software development.

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